Phil_Murphy.JPGPhil Murphy - Governor of New Jersey

Phil Murphy has spent his life trying to fix problems and make people's lives better. A businessman, and not a career politician, Phil has fought for opportunity, fairness and justice through his involvement in the Democratic Party. His experience, values and understanding that insider politics has failed us, Phil is committed to building a better New Jersey for everyone. 






Paige Livingston - Hunterdon County Freeholder

A resident of Alexandria Township, Paige is ready to bring a fresh approach to dealing with issues that impact Hunterdon County. Paige's biggest concerns are: environmental protection, economic growth, lowering taxes, affordability and making Hunterdon County the best place in NJ.

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 Andrew Zwicker - NJ State Assembly - Legislative District 16

Andrew Zwicker, is seeking his second term to the NJ State Assembly.  In his 1st term, Andrew  was the  Primary Sponsor of 20 Bills and the Co-Sponsor of many others.  Andrew has focused his  attention to many environmental issues as well as health care issues, domestic violence and a  statewide gun buyback program.

Andrew Zwicker, a scientist and teacher, has devoted his career to finding solutions to difficult problems. Offering fresh ideas, Andrew will continue to bring his pragmatic, no-nonsense approach to government.   



Roy_Freiman.JPGRoy Freiman - NJ State Assembly - Legislative District 16

As a proven leader at Prudential for over 20 years, Roy will bring a dynamic energy to the Senate. Roy  understands an important factor in succeeding is to provide solutions to issues. He also understands that collaboration is the key to finding the best solution.  Our broken pension system and a struggling economy are two of his key concerns.  Roy will use the principles of collaboration to get the right solutions in the Legislature.  

Roy joins Andrew Zwicker on the Democratic ticket for State Assembly. 

 Roy Freiman for Assembly


Lorrie_Poppe.JPGLaurie Poppe - State Senate 16th Legislative District

Laurie is an attorney and social worker who wants to work with New Jersey families and address the challenges that hard working people face every day.  Her experience in collaborative law has taught Laurie how to balance competing interests while moving forward toward common goals. 







Reed Gusciora - NJ State Assembly Legislative District 15

A strong progressive voice, Reed Gusciora has consistently played a pivotal role introducing numerous policies and legislation. Reed has been an advocate for State workers' rights and is a proponent of legally mandating quarterly pension payouts.  Reed has spearheaded and passed legislation banning hydraulic fracturing (fracking).  When you look at Reed's record, it is apparent that he works hard on legislative initiatives that are in the best interest of all his constituents.  






Liz_Muoio.JPGElizabeth (Liz) Muoio - NJ State Assembly Legislative District 15

Elizabeth Muoio has only been a member of the General Assembly since 2015, but she has been diligently working to enhance the lives of her constituents in the 15th District.  Liz has served on the Budget, Judiciary and Commerce & Economic Development Committees using knowledge from her experience as a Mercer County Freeholder and Borough Councilwoman in Pennington.  Liz has been the sponsor of numerous bills with her focus on residential tax credits, the appropriation of funding of Agriculture for Jersey Fresh and has supported alternative energy initiatives, the revitalization of NJ Real Estate Market and Economy Act and assistance to urban enterprise zones.  





Shirley_Turner.JPG  Shirley Turner - State Senate   Legislative District 15

   Shirley Turner has been the champion of many causes for her  constituents in District 15. Shirley knows    she has to balance the  needs in rural areas  like East & West Amwell, but also address concerns of          communities such as Lambertville, Pennington and Trenton.  The key to her success is understanding        the diversities within her district and finding commonality among them. Because of her vast outreach in    Hunterdon and Mercer Counties, Shirley Turner has been instrumental in shaping initiatives sta tewide.      

   Shirley serves on the Senate Education Committee as Vice Chair and is on the Legislative Task Force on    Child Abuse and Neglect.   




Laura Shaw- NJ State Assembly Legislative District 23

Smart, organized, motivated. That is the energetic bundle that describes Laura Shaw.  Recently retired from the telecommunications industry as an engineer, Laura is a leader and problem solver.  She and her husband raised 4 daughters, all of who were educated in Hunterdon County public schools.  She has been a volunteer for the Girl Scouts and has managed Public Speaking tournaments for dozens of schools across the state. Laura is the Municipal Chair of Clinton Township Democratic Committee.  




Charless_Boddy.JPG   Charles Boddy- NJ State Assembly Legislative District 23

If you look up public service in the dictionary, you will find a picture of Charles Boddy next to the definition. Charles currently serves a a member of the Board of Directors and Treasurer for the NJ Cultural Arts Center for the Washington Theater.  He is also the President of the Warren/Sussex NAACP, serves on the Board of Directors for NorWesCap and serves on the Executive Board of the Warren County Democratic Committee. Charles is past President of the West Virginia State University National Alumni Foundation and has also served on the Board of Directors for the University Foundation.

Charles's professional career included 27 years with AT&T as National Marketing Director in addition to 10 years as Marketing Director for Connective Communications.  

Charles's professional background coupled with his public service experience has demonstrated his ability to work on high level and intricate projects.  

Charles will be a resilient voice for Hunterdon County in the State General Assembly.


Christine_Chen.JPGChristine Lui Chen- State Senate Legislative District 23

A proven business leader, Christine is running to serve NJ Senate LD23  Not only is Christine the first Asian-American on the ballot, but she is also the 1st woman to run for this seat in 30 years.  

This is a challenging time in our history and we need strong leadership. We can achieve this through Strong Community - Strong Economy. A Strong Community is one in which we take care of each other, protect open space, make sure we have access to health care and help those with addictions.  A Strong Economy is one in which we invest in infrastructure and find ways to re-purpose abandoned buildings rather than have them sit vacant and deteriorating. 

Since the 2016 election, Christine felt that she could no longer sit on the sidelines and accept the extremism that has plagued our nation.  Christine believes that by infringing on the safety of one, it really breaks apart the safety that we feel for all of us.