Executive Committee

We are proud to have such a great team for our 2016-2018 Executive Committee.

Chairwoman - Arlene Quinones Perez, arleneqperez@hotmail.com 

Vice Chair - Alan Harwick,  alan@harwicklaw.com

Secretary - Helen Richard, helenrichard@embarqmail.com

Treasurer - Jon Perlman, jperlman@hcdems.com


Executive Director:  Lois Zarish, jlzarish@sprintmail.com

Parliamentarian: William Courtney, Esq, wcourtney@courtney-law.com

Social Media Specialist: Karen Becker, karbecker@gmail.com


State Committee Members:

Regional Vice Chair:

Members Appointed by Chair:

  • Kari Osmond, kari.osmond@gmail.com
  • Alan Willsey, alan.willsey@gmail.com