School Board Candidates

If things like book banning, "don't say gay" legislation, and teacher bashing have you concerned, please get involved.  

Until recently, school board elections and school board members made great efforts to maintain non-partisan positions. Unfortunately, we have seen extreme MAGA Republicans attempting to take over our school boards. 

We have a number of wonderful members who actively participate on school boards and in in the school system. 

Board of Election Candidates 

Bethlehem Township

  • Stephanie Yager

Clinton Town

  • Jessica Viotto

Kingwood Township

  • Debora Frank *WRITE-IN*

Flemington Borough

  • Jeffrey Cain

Flemington Raritan Regional School District

  • Chris Smolk
  • Melanie Rosengarden
  • Sharon Winnick *WRITE-IN for unexpired term*

Hunterdon Central Regional HS

  • Ariel E. Almora
  • Robert B. Richard
  • Scott Nicol

High Bridge Borough

  • M. Rion Hoffman

North Hunterdon Voorhees HS

  • Francis Goger

Raritan Township

See Flemington Raritan Regional School District

Readington Township School District

  • Tiffiny Bishop
  • Michele Mentre
  • Carolyn Podgorski

Union Township

  • Amelia Lamonde

Don't see your district?  Email us and we will connect you with your Municipal Chair to get more information about your local race. Click here to email us.