What is an Election Day Challenger


Requirements to be a Challenger:

A Poll Watcher, better known as a Challenger, is a person appointed to observe the conduct of an election on behalf of a candidate, a political party, or the proponents & opponents of a public question.

Challengers may be present at the polling place when it is opened and may observe the opening of the voting machine, may examine the zero proof report (19:52-1) as well as be present at the closing of the polls. Challengers may observe voters entering and exiting the voting booth

Challengers are not allowed to speak with voters.

Read the full list of Challenger Rules here

Requirements to be a Challenger:

  • A challenger must be a registered voter.
  • A challenger does not need to live within the election district in which he/she is serving.
  • Candidates are automatically challengers for any district in which their name appears on the ballot.
  • Elected public officials may only serve as challengers if they have been appointed to serve, or are on the ballot.
  • Challengers must wear their badge the entire time they are present in the polling place and should present their certificate to the poll workers to show that they have the authority to be present.
  • Challengers may only challenge in the district or districts for which they are appointed. It has been a long-standing administrative practice by the Board of Elections to allow “At-Large” challengers who may challenge in more than one district.