Governor Murphy Pushes for Legalization of Marijuana


“New Jersey has the opportunity to literally set captives free from prison, probation, parole, and a life stigmatized and shackled by a criminal record,” said Rev. Charles Boyer, the pastor at Bethel AME Woodbury.   Governor Muphy is asking NJ Legislatures to legalize marijuana for recreational use for adults 21 years of age and older.  A vote will be taken on Monday, March 25th, however, if the bill is not passed, it is likely that another vote will not take place again until after the November election.  

By taking the sale of marijuana off the streets, consumers may purchase in a safe and legal environment. The argument that weed is a gateway drug is unfounded.  What is true, is that the drug dealer will entice the buyer to purchase cocaine, heroin and opioids because there is a higher profit margin and they are addictive, creating a customer base that keeps returning to make another purchase.  Also, with marijuana being legalized, it won't be cut with fentanyl or another substance.

Richard Brown, NJ NAACP President, also stated that "NJ makes more than 32,000 marijuana arrests per year, and black New Jerseyans are nearly three times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession.  These numbers alone make legalization a civil rights issue."


Click the link below to view an audio of Gov Murphy asking for a vote on the  legalization of marijuana.