Hunterdon County Democratic Committee held its convention to endorse Presidential, Congressional, Senate, and County Freeholder candidates.  The delegates voted unanimously by acclamation to endorse Congressional candidate Tom Malinowski, following in similar fashion with endorsements for Senate candidate Cory Booker and County Freeholder Candidate Patrick Heller.

The presidential endorsement required three rounds of voting with the final round in a runoff between Senator Elizabeth Warren and former Mayor Michael Bloomberg. 

Senator Elizabeth Warren emerged victorious with 51% of the vote! 74 votes to 70.

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The rules of voting for the convention were as follows: the candidate with more than 50% of the vote is declared the winner. For the first round of voting, any candidate that did not receive 10% of the vote was eliminated from the second round.  The the second round, any candidate that did not received 20% of the vote was eliminated from the third round.