John Mackay for Raritan Township Committee

John Mackay’s work and accomplishment through life includes raising his family in Raritan Township, volunteering for his church, serving his Country in the US Coast Guard, actively participating in Raritan Township local governance and a career that has taught him the value of hard work and education. 

On March 1st, 2017 John retired from his life’s work as a union carpenter. A job he started as a young man working as a laborer on a job site and ended as the Training Director at Carpenters Training center which was a 68,000 square foot training facility located in Northern New Jersey with 12 fulltime Instructors, 8 part time Instructors and 4 office personnel. He has worked in the training and educational environment since 1976, part time for ten years and full time for 31. Education has been at the core of his advancement culminating with a recent Masters in Educational Technology and Online Learning through Thomas Edison State University.

Since retirement John has focused his life’s work on community activism at home.  John actively participates at Raritan Township Committee Meetings, seeks opportunities to support his fellow veterans at local events and teaches young people the trade of carpentry on a part time basis.

His resume is long and accomplished and it is well characterized in John’s statement below.


I believe everyone deserves an opportunity. Whether it is an opportunity to get a good education, occupational training or a well-paying job.  I was told my first day on a union construction job by the Business Rep sending me out. He said “I can put you on the job, but I can’t carry your toolbox” What an individual does with the opportunity is up to them, but I would like to help them prepare to get that opportunity.

John Mackay