Local Candidates



BETHLEHEMTheresa Conover for Township Committee.

CALIFON - Cathy Smith and John Collins for Borough Council

CLINTON TOWN - Janice Kovach for Mayor & Michael Humphrey for Common Council

CLINTON TOWNSHIP - Michael Lennick & Robert Parkanyi for Township Council

DELAWARE TOWNSHIP -  Gary Brackenridge for Township Committee

EAST AMWELL - Philippe Marchal and Beverly Entin for Township Committee

FLEMINGTON BOROUGH - Jessica Hand, Jeremy Long and Jeffrey Doshna for Borough Council

FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP - John Benscoter for Township Committee

FRENCHTOWN - Liz Johnson for Common Council

GLEN GARDNER - Celeste Martin for Borough Council

HIGH BRIDGE BORO - Jane Karp for Borough Council 

LAMBERTVILLE - Wardell Sanders and Julia Taylor for City Council

LEBANON BOROUGH COUNCIL - Marlene Baldinger and Benedict Valliere for Borough Council

RARITAN TOWNSHIP - Sharon Winnick for Township Committee

READINGTON TOWNSHIP - Denise Esakoff for Township Committee

STOCKTON BOROUGH - Adam Juncosa for Common Council

TEWKSBURY TOWNSHIP - Hope Kaufman and Kelly McKinney-Brakewood for Township Committee

UNION TOWNSHIP - Kaman Christopher Hung for Township Committee

WEST AMWELL TOWNSHIP - Lawrence P. Herman for Township Committee