Malinowski wins 2018 Primary


In a landslide victory in Hunterdon County and across the CD7 footprint, Tom Malinowski won the Democratic race for Congress in the June 5th New Jersey primary election.  Malinowski will go on to face GOP incumbent Leonard Lance in the November General Election. 

Malinowski took Hunterdon County with 5066 votes. Peter Jacob took in 1596 votes and Goutam Jois 825. Across the CD7 footprint which includes Hunterdon, Somerset, Morris, Union and Warren Counties, Malinowski won with 66.8% of the vote (26,079). Peter Jacob took in 19.1% (7,474 votes) and Goutam Jois took only 14.1% (5,489 votes).  

On the GOP side, Lance won the Republican ticket with 24,856 votes or 74.9%.  He was challenged by Lindsay Brown with 4,774 votes (14.4%) and Raafat Barsoom 3,545 votes (10.7%).

On paper,  Lance appears to have gotten a higher percentage of votes over Malinowski. However,  Malinowski actually received more votes. (Malinowski 26,079 vs Lance 24.856)  Additionally, more Democrats voted for the CD7 seat casting 39,042 ballots versus 33,175 Republican voters. 

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