Menendez on Trump Comments & the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator Bob Menendez (D-N.J.), a leading advocate for commonsense gun safety reforms, released the following statement:

“We're still learning more about the horrific mass shooting that took place at the Tree of Life Congregation in Pittsburgh this morning, but my heart is aching for the Jewish families who've been torn apart by violence on the Sabbath. Likewise, my thoughts are with the families of the first responders who bravely put themselves in harm’s way to protect others.

“In the United States of America, everyone deserves the right to worship without fear. This is a heartbreaking reminder that anti-Semitism is never dead, but simply dormant, and all too easily awoken by those who stoke hate. 

“Ultimately, we need more than thoughts and prayers and kind words during this time. Only when we pass commonsense gun safety measures will the American people know we are serious about protecting them.

“The President’s callous comments show us why we need reasonable gun safety measures in our country. Instead, the President is again dismissing common sense gun laws in favor of more guns – this time in our houses of worship. Houses of worship in the United States of America should not require armed guards. This country was founded on the principle that every single person should be able to practice their religion freely and in peace.”

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Hunterdon Review Endorsements for the 2018 Local Elections

In just under two weeks, Hunterdon County, along with the rest of the state and country, will be going to the polls for the Tuesday, Nov. 6, general election.   Voters in the Hunterdon Review coverage area will choose candidates for the United States Senate, House of Representatives, Hunterdon County Board of Freeholders, Surrogate, and local mayors, committee and council members, as well as school board candidates.    Everyone should make their choices and get out and vote. And speaking of choices, here are ours:

Here is a round up of those candidates and the seats for which they are running.

Hunterdon County

Freeholder Director J. Matthew Holt, Republican, the only incumbent in the race for two three-year terms on the freeholder board, is running with Republican Susan J. Soloway. Current Republican Freeholder John King chose not to run again due to family commitments. On the Democratic side, Lynne McClintock and Cullen McAuliffe are also running for the two open seats.

Holt has shown the professionalism and leadership over the years that make him worthy of staying in the position, not to mention the institutional knowledge. As long as Holt is the only incumbent running, let’s have a little balance on the board. Our endorsements go to Holt and McAuliffe.

Califon Borough

The only contested race in Califon is for the Califon Borough school district, with Perel “Pearl” Van Elkan, Mike Reaves, and incumbent Jeffrey Dahl are running for two available three-year terms. Our endorsements go to Reaves, who left council for the school board run, and incumbent Jeffrey Dahl.  

Clinton Town

Councilwoman Sherry Dineen and former Councilman Kenneth Carberry, both Republicans, are running for two three-year terms on the Town Council, against Democratic challenger Lisa Intrabartola.

Incumbent Marty Pendergast, Republican, is running for one one-year unexpired term on the council, after having been appointed this year to replace outgoing Councilman Al Rylak, who moved out of the town. Also running for the unexpired one-year seat is Democrat Michael Humphrey.

Our endorsements for council go to Dineen and Intrabartola for the full terms and Pendergast for the unexpired term.

Clinton Township

The township has two available three-year seats on its council. Councilman Thomas Kochanowksi, and fellow Republican Marc H. Strauss, are running against Democratic candidates Michael Lennick and Robert Parkyani. Councilman Dan McTiernan lost to Strauss in the primary.

Our endorsements go to Democrats Lennick and Parkyani, again in the interest of political balance on the council.

Chris W. Kemprowski and Rachel McLaughlin are running for one three-year term on the North Hunterdon-Voorhees Board of Education representing Clinton Township and Lebanon Borough.

No incumbents are running. Our endorsement goes to McLaughlin for her experience on the township school board.

In the local Clinton Township School District, Catherine Mary Emery, Catherine Riihimaki, Regina Figueroa, incumbent Alissa Olawski and Jean Paul “JP” Vincenti are vying for three three-year seats on the Board of Education. Alison Grantham and incumbent Robert Holliday are both running for one one-year unexpired term on the board. Our endorsements go to Emery, Riihimaki and incumbent Olawski for the full terms and Holliday for the unexpired term.

High Bridge Borough

Republican Mayor Mark Desire is running for re-election for one four-year term as mayor against Democrat Michele L. Lee and Independent Brenden Coughlin, running on the “Efficient Innovative Government” line.

Our mayoral endorsement here is an easy one. Desire took over a borough in serious financial trouble and despite more troubles like the sewer dispute with Clinton, has pulled the borough up by its boot straps and pointed it in a more sustainable direction.

Our endorsement goes to Desire to keep it moving.

Councilmen George Columbus and Keir LoIacono, both Republicans, are running for two three-year terms on the Borough Council against Democrats Thomas C. Wescoe and Leigh Ann Moore.

Both Columbus and LoIacono have done good job on council, no need to change crews while the ship is moving ahead. Our endorsements go to Columbus and LoIacono

Lebanon Borough

Republican James Pittinger will face off against Democratic Councilwoman Marlene G. Baldinger for the one four-year term as mayor. Long-time Mayor Michael Reino was defeated by Pittinger in the June primary.

While Baldinger has made a mark as a Democrat on this council, we endorse Pittinger due to his experience in finance and governing.

Councilmen Richard J. Burton and Samuel Berger, both Republicans, are running for two available three-year terms on the Borough Council, against Democrat Benedict F. Valliere.

Burton and Berger have spent years on the council which makes this a tough call. Our endorsement goes to Berger and, for balance, Valliere.

Chris W. Kemprowski and Rachel McLaughlin are running for one three-year term on the North Hunterdon-Voorhees Board of Education representing Clinton Township and Lebanon. No incumbents are running.

Our endorsement goes to McLaughlin for her experience on the township school board.

Lebanon Township

There are no contested races in the township.

Readington Township

Mayor Benjamin A. Smith and R. Jeurgen Huelsebusch, both Republicans, are running for two three-year terms on Township Committee, against Democratic challengers Denise Esakoff and Elizabeth Fiore.

While we have great respect for Smith and Huelsebusch’s work in the township, Readington has needed change for many years to get out some bad old habits mostly regarding litigation, such as the long-standing Solberg Airport dispute. Just time for a change, plain and simple, so our endorsements go to Esakoff and Fiore.


Tewksbury Township

Republicans Peter Melick and Dana Desiderio, both incumbents on the Township Committee, are running for re-election for two three-year terms, facing a challenge from Democrat Kelly McKinney-Brakewood, the sole Democratic candidate for the post.

At risk of sounding like the proverbial broken record, Tewksbury needs a new voice on the committee, so our endorsements go to McKinney-Brakewood and, for continuity, Melick.

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Debunking Fake News About Senator Bob Menendez

As you may know, Bob Hugin began airing a false and defamatory ad against Senator Menendez. Bob Hugin is desperate, and he is lying. These allegations have been debunked, the FBI has admitted they were unsupported by any facts, and they are designed to smear Senator Menendez. 
Talking Points
  • Bob Hugin is lying about Senator Menendez and Bob Hugin knows it  
  • These are the same smears and lies that were made against Senator Menendez six years ago and they are still smears and lies.
  • Even though the allegations made against the Senator were done so by both an anonymously and an alt-right blog, the FBI fully and thoroughly investigated them and found no evidence to support them.
  • Neither the FBI nor the press ever found anyone who could corroborate the allegations. 
  • In fact, two of the women completely denied the allegations when questioned and three others admitted that they were paid to lie and recanted their statements.
  • Bob Hugin's attempt to use the #metoo movement to advance his political agenda is sickening.  He will say and do anything to buy a Senate seat.
  • This ad is exactly why Bob Hugin is unfit for the office he is seeking. 
  • Senator Menendez has always been an advocate for women and has introduced the Equal Rights Amendment and helped pass laws like the MOTHERS Act and the Violence Against Women Act. Bob Hugin sued to keep women out of his exclusive eating club.                                             

Bob Menendez for Sentate Campaign Statement  - October 15, 2018

Menendez Campaign Statement on Hugin Ads

New Brunswick, NJ – The Menendez for Senate Campaign released the following statement from Communications Director Steve Sandberg in reaction to new, false ads being aired by greedy, drug company CEO Bob Hugin:  

“It is clear that Bob Hugin will say, do and spend whatever he wants to try to deceive New Jersey voters and buy a Senate seat.  This is a disgraceful act by a desperate man.  They are lies and he knows it.  He is peddling the same lies and smears right-ring groups concocted six years ago that have since been independently investigated and proven utterly false by reputable news organizations—like CNN, the Washington Post, ABC News, Univision and others—as well as the FBI.  While it should come as no surprise to anyone that a greedy, drug company CEO who preyed on the sick and suffering to get rich would stoop this low, this act in and of itself proves Bob Hugin lacks the integrity, fitness and moral character to serve in the U.S. Senate.”



Escort says Menendez prostitution claims were made up:
3 women were paid to falsely claim they had sex with Menendez, Dominican police say
Dominican official links Daily Caller to alleged lies about Menendez
Official Seeks Mystery Man Linked To 'Smear' of Senator Bob Menendez
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Hunterdon County Supports the Re-Election of Bob Menendez

The Hunterdon County Democratic Party proudly supports our candidate for Congress Bob Menendez because he is a strong supporter of women's rights. 

Menendez is pro choice and supports Roe v Wade. Menendez was outspoken against the confirmation of SCOTUS nominee Bret Kavanaugh.  He was an early opponent of Kavanaugh's nomination and stood firmly against his nomination by voting NO.

In 2015 Menendez along with Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), as well as 25 of their Senate colleagues, introduced a Resolution in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Griswold v. Connecticut decision – a historic ruling on June 7, 1965 that affirmed a woman’s right to use birth control and has served as the backbone for dozens of women’s rights rulings since. The Griswold v. Connecticut ruling enabled women in dozens of states to have access to contraception and birth control, regardless of marital status.  Menendez's resolution acknowledges that all women, regardless of income or zip code, should have affordable access to the tools that help women plan and space their pregnancies.

Please join us on November 6th by voting for Bob Menendez.  He is fighting for Women.   He is fighting for US. 







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Governor Murphy Comes to Flemington


Join HCDC Chairwoman Arlene Quinones Perez and the Executive Board of the Hunterdon County Democratic Committee in welcoming our Governor Phil Murphy to Flemington.

The Governor will be a guest speaker at the Stangl Factory on Monday, October 1, 2018 from 7:00 - 8:30 pm.

Desserts and light refreshments will be served.

DONATION: $25 per person - to benefit Hunterdon County Democratic Candidates


DATE: Monday, October 1, 2018

TIME: 7:00 - 8:30 PM

LOCATION: Stangl Factory, 4 Stangl Rd, Flemington, NJ 08822


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