Chairwoman Perez on PANJRadio all this week "In the Green Room"

panjradio-1.jpgListen to the inspiring interview with Chairwoman Arlene Perez in the Green Room.  This entertaining show hosted by Vinny Verderosa and Dwayne Dunlevy can be heard on  at 5pm all this week. 

This laid back format keeps the listener tuned in. Learn interesting facts about local government and why YOUR vote is important.

Marianne Rampulla, Hunterdon County Committee, is also on board and provides interesting information about the functions of local Environmental Committees and The Board of Adjustment - both seats she has held in Raritan Township

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Video: Wealth inequality in America

It's even worse than you think! And it's on purpose...

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Veterans rebuilding the World Trade Center

The vets in this video, who received training through the Helmets to Hardhats program that led to good careers as union members in the building and construction trades, are just one of the many examples of the spirit, ingenuity and work ethic that make unions and America great.

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Get the facts on President Obama's accomplishments

The Republicans have Fox, but we have facts. Download this easy, 12-page PDF that details the President's major accomplishments in domestic policy and foreign policy.

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