House Seats Where Dems Could Score Upsets in 2018

CD7_Flip_Chart.JPG An interesting article that was published on looks back at the Democratic campaign   strategy in the 2016 Presidential Election.  Hillary Clinton has been criticized for not focussing   on states captured in the Obama coalition, and instead she tried to win votes in states that had   been traditionally red for years.  While this strategy cost her the election, it should be noted   that her efforts were not completely in vain, and she did indeed claim victory in districts where   Obama failed to score or where Democrats have never seen the light of day during a   Presidential election. And here's where Hunterdon County comes into the picture and   why the Congressional District 7 (CD7) Election is so important.  Hillary Clinton took Hunterdon County in 2016,   where Obama failed in both 2008 and 2012.  So who we in Hunterdon County along   with the rest of CD7 support, can have the favorable outcome we desperately need in Congress. 

CD7 covers all of Hunterdon County as well as sections of Essex, Morris, Somerset, Union and Warren Counties. (click here  for a list of communities within our congressional district) While this region has traditionally leaned towards the right, Trump has appeared to have lessened the GOP stronghold. There are six CD7 Democratic Candidates and it is important that we get to know the candidates so that we can nominate the person who we believe can take on Lance and WIN next November. (See Introducing 2018 CD7 Candidates)

The NJ Primary election takes place on June 5, 2018 and Leonard Lance's seat is up for re-election.  He won his last primary with only 53% of the GOP votes showing some vulnerability, especially when running against one candidate with little funding and the other almost a complete unknown.   

This is why Democrats in the CD7 District need to mindfully select a candidate that can beat Lance. 

Click here to read the complete article written by Robert Wheel - Scroll to the end to read about New Jersey's Seventh Congressional District (Central Jersey)



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HCDC Statement on Negative Ad Attacks

HCDC Chairwoman Arlene Quinones Perez has issued an official statement on behalf of the Hunterdon County Democratic Committee regarding the negative ad attacks against Gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy and his position on Sanctuary Cities.

During the Gubernatorial debate on October 10th, Ambassador Murphy stated that he would not only be in favor of NJ hosting Sanctuary Cities, he would also call for NJ to become the first Sanctuary State. 

The GOP contender, Kim Guadagno, has since invoked upon a negative ad campaign and is insinuating that Phil Murphy "has the backs of criminals", specifically convicted murderer Jose Carranza. This could not be further from the truth and demonstrates that  her character is much like that of her current boss, and our soon to be our ex- Governor, Chris Christie.

The following is a statement from Chairwoman Perez regarding the negative - and misleading -  ad attacks against Ambassador Murphy.

"The only thing too dangerous for NJ would be if Kim Guadagno gets elected. Her spin on Phil Murphy’s Sanctuary City Plans exemplify how dishonest and corrupt she really is. To insinuate that Phil Murphy has criminals’ backs is outlandish. Referring to what was stated on Tuesday’s debate in regards to illegal alien, Jose Carranza, who was convicted of killing 3 people in a Newark schoolyard - Murphy clearly stated in the debate that the crimes were 'heinous' and that those responsible should be prosecuted 'to the fullest extent of the law.' As a County Chair and as a Latina, I am personally offended by her divisive comments. We do not need another divisive politician in New Jersey politics - we have enough of that at the national level."


A debate between our Democratic Lieutenant Governor Candidate Sheila Oliver and her opponent is set for October 16th. The 2nd Gubernatorial debate between Murphy and Guadagno is scheduled for Wednesday, October 18th at 7pm and can be viewed on CBS Channel 2 out of NY.

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Union Township Democrats - Call to Action


The Union Township Democrats will be hosting a “Friday Night Phone Bank"  for LD23 and local candidates every Friday night beginning at 5:30 pm. Union Twp Dem Christina Russoniello has opened her home for use as the base station for making phone calls. Anyone interested should contact Christina at or (908) 892-4518.

Union Twp Dems are also canvasing every Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons starting about 3pm until dusk and Sunday from 2-5pm.   Door to Door Canvassing will cover LD23, the Murphy campaign and any local campaign for the area they are canvasing in. Currently walk lists include Phillipsburg, Lopatcong and Greenwich. Anyone interested should contact Lauren Grober at or (201) 240-1016.

For questions or information regarding GOTV (Get Out The Vote) please reach out to either Christina or Lauren at their email or contact numbers listed above

LD23 Candidates include Christine Chen for State Senate and Laura Shaw and Charles Boddy for NJ General Assembly.


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HCDC County Committee Meeting - Oct 11th


The Hunterdon County Democrats will hold their next County Committee Meeting on October 11, 2017.  The meeting will be held at the Flemington Moose Lodge, located at 81 Barley Sheaf Road, Flemington.  Check in begins at 6:30pm. The meeting time is 7-9 pm and includes a presentation by Tim Korzun on "How to be a Challenger" followed by phone banking for our candidates.

Learn how you be part of the path to Victory 2017 by supporting our NJ Democratic  Candidates.

For more info or to RSVP contact Helen at

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EMERGE NJ Announces 2018 Training Classes

Emerge NJ announces training opportunities for "Strong Women Emerge NJ Spring Class 2018".  EMERGE NJ classes offer training for women in New Jersey who are running for office as Democratic Candidates. The classes are designed to help gain significant skills needed to run a successful campaign and provide attendees with the opportunity to network with other New Jersey Democratic candidates.  Emerge New Jersey is the premier training program for Democratic women. Their goal is to increase the number of Democratic women in public office.

HCDC Chairwoman Arlene Perez understands the importance of such training and is extending an offer through the Hunterdon County Democratic Committee to sponsor one attendee. If you are interested, please email your contact information and the office you are running for to  Please use subject line: EMERGE NJ 

For information about EMERGE NJ please visit their website at:

Click HERE to download an application to EMERGE NJ 2018 Training



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