NJ Primary Election 2017

Don't sit home and wait for other people to decide who is going to lead New Jersey.  It's time to vote for a new Governor which we think everyone can  be pretty happy about.  We also have State Assembly and Senate races, County Freeholder, NJ State Committee and our local candidates.       CLICK HERE www.hcdems.com/candidates  to see who is running in your district.

CONTESTED RACES - In addition to the Governor's race, the NJ State Committee seats are also being Primaried.

The Hunterdon County Democratic Committee has endorsed William Courtney and Karen Becker as the Candidates for NJ State Committee representing Hunterdon County, and Phil Murphy for Governor.   

It is important to vote not only for the contested positions, but we need to get out and vote for the other seats as well.  While the State Senate, Assembly and Freeholder seats are not being challenged, it is important to show your support by voting for these candidates so that in the general election, voters who may not be affiliated with a party, or are perhaps Republicans will take a closer look at the Democratic Candidates based on their strong showing in the Primary  

Let's get our Democrats elected to office so that we can begin to eliminate GOP control.

Not sure where to vote?  Click here for your Polling Location

June 06, 2017 at 6am - 8pm

Will you come?