Dominick Puzio for Sheriff

Dominick Puzio has twenty plus years in law enforcement and is currently employed at the highest level in law enforcement as an investigator for the State of New Jersey. His career in law enforcement began as an officer serving all of our local communities throughout the state including instructing at multiple police academies for state and local agencies. Today, he supports major County, State, and Federal Agencies in the most sensitive of law enforcement areas.

Dominick strongly believes in keeping politics out of law enforcement policies/practices. He will work with all parties in making sensible decisions that affect our community.

His main initiative is to restore trust in our law-enforcement and raise the level of safety in our streets. 

Through proper funding the citizens of Hunterdon County will have better transparency, real community programs that protect our families, and more sheriffs officers active throughout the county to keep our community safe from crime. 

During the pandemic Dominick worked to support first responders and essential employees and is the only candidate who will be the next WORKING sheriff for Hunterdon County