Scott Salmon Bows Out of CD7 Race - Endorses Tom Malinowski


Scott Salmon announced earlier this week that he will be suspending his campaign for NJ Congressional District 7. In his statement, Mr. Salmon also announced that he is endorsing Tom Malinowski. Last week Lisa Mandleblatt suspended her campaign, also endorsing Malinowski.

In his statement Salmon said “I firmly believe that this campaign has shown that it is possible to have a politics free of cynicism, and that we can have representatives who are compassionate and will work tirelessly on our behalf. But we must demand that our leaders live up to this high standard, and if they are unwilling to do so, we must replace them. The people of the 7th Congressional District deserve nothing less."

In addition to Mandleblatt and Salmon endorsing Tom Malinowski, Morris County Democratic Chair Chip Robinson also gave his personal endorsement to Malinowski.   Robinson said. “This endorsement is based upon several factors. Donald Trump and Paul Ryan’s Washington DC is a threat to the values that we hold dear. There is no more important thing for the Democratic party to do nationally then to win 24 seats in the house and take back the majority in order to start putting the brakes on the Trump and Ryan agenda. Tom gives us the best chance to actually win the seat. He is a moderate Democrat who has proven that he can rally support from unaffiliated and moderate republicans – he was introduced to the Senate at one point by John McCain. Tom’s district voted for Kim Guadagno and for Hillary Clinton, so it has shown itself to be a swing middle-of-the-road district."

The Morris County Democratic Convention is scheduled for February 27th.