Tips for Completing your Mail-in Ballot


Here are some tips for filling out your mail-in ballot.

  • Remember to sign it!
  • Keep it consistent. This is not a time to try out a new signature. (hint- check your Drivers license and use a similar signature).  If signature has changed - send a new one to HC Clerk via a Party Declaration Form with a note on it - see new signature.
Read - Don't Over Vote
  • Careful not to 'over vote' by selecting too many names for the office.  e.g. Selected TWO from the list.
Helping Others Vote
  • A person who transports a voted (completed) vote by mail ballot for someone else is considered a "Bearer". Bearers are limited to three (3) non-household ballots per election, except that an authorized bearer may transport up to five (5) ballots in an election if those voters are immediate family members residing in the same household as the bearer.
    • Not to exceed (5) ballots in total for any election
    • X The Bearer MUST SIGN the "Bearer Portion" of the outer envelope of the ballot in the presence of the voter when taking custody of the ballot.

  • Any Bearer Ballots that exceed the limit must be REJECTED. If the Bearer is hand-delivering the ballot to the county Board of Elections, then he/she MUST SHOW ID AND SIGN the Bearer Book. It is against the law for anyone except you, the voter, to mail or transport your ballot unless the outer envelope is sealed and the “Bearer Portion” is completed.