Women's March 2020


There is nothing like massive numbers of people gathering together with a unified voice. We saw the power in 2017 and every year since then – and we’re asking you to be part of the next chapter: 2020.

There’s a bus coming from Flemington to the 2020 Women’s March on Washington and we want you to be on it!

For everyone within 270 miles (6 hours) of D.C. we’re offering a special $20.20 roundtrip ticket to D.C. while supply lasts!

Can you get on the bus from Flemington to join us in D.C. on Saturday, January 18th to take our collective outrage directly to the White House

On January 18th, we’re marching right up to the White House to deliver a powerful message to Trump: Women are the majority of voters. We can decide the fate of our country and together we will.

We’ll be joined by the Chilean protest group Lastesis who will be leading marchers in the global feminist protest anthem and dance, Un violador en tu camino (A Rapist in Your Path).

These are scary times. Our country is on the brink of war driven by this president's reckless actions and dangerous war-agenda. But together, we can ensure de-escalation and break the cycle of endless war.

To make that happen, we need a massive display of people-power — and to speak with a unified voice. Americans do not want a war, and we must demand that Washington’s leaders hold Trump accountable and choose a different path.

Reserve your seat on the bus to D.C. today before they sell out.

Note: Your bus will get confirmed as long as there are 40 riders along the route to make the trip happen. If your city is not confirmed, you will not be charged -- your payment will be refunded or voided. You will only be charged when your trip becomes confirmed!

Thank you so much. It means the world to have you in this movement with us.

Rachel Carmona
Women's March

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January 18, 2020 at 5:25am - 7:25pm
Flemington, NJ 08822
United States
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