Hunterdon County Young Democrats

The HCYD (Hunterdon County Young Democrats) is the official young adult and youth group of the Hunterdon County Democratic Committee.  We welcome young adults and students to participate in our scheduled meetings, take part in activities we participate in and join us in causes we support. 

At our meetings we discuss current events and how today's hot topic impacts our life. Sometimes, all we can do is discuss what is happening, but other times we are part of a movement making important changes and a positive difference.

We have publicly spoken out against racism at local government council meetings, taken to the steps of the Historic Hunterdon County Court House to speak out against gun violence, participated in the Hunterdon County Democratic Committee Convention, served as interns to our NJ Assembly representatives and served on the Youth Council for Congressman Tom Malinowski.

We have also had the opportunity to help get Democrats elected by helping with campaigns on the local, county, state and federal levels. There are many tasks involved in launching a successful campaign - phone banking, door to door canvassing, sending out mailers, postcard parties and helping out at fundraisers.   Or if you are considering a future in politics or public office, this is the perfect place to make connections. 

We look forward to seeing you soon!


If you would like information about the HCYD or would like to get involved, email us at:

YOUNG ADULTS: [email protected]

YOUTH GROUP: [email protected]    

or click HERE to complete the Contact Young Dems form.