About Our Party

The Hunterdon County Democratic Committee (“HCDC”) is the county level of the Democratic Party. The HCDC is responsible for assisting in all phases of party work at the municipal and county levels; registering new democratic voters; participating in planning and the running of campaigns; working to build a larger Democratic vote in their Hunterdon County; and serving as an advocate and representative of the residents of their district regarding neighborhood or district issues.

We take an active role in recruiting democratic candidates that stand for the middle class and working families, and understand the importance of sound fiscal management.

What is the County Committe

Hunterdon County is divided into 26 municipalities, each of which has its own polling location.  Each municipality has anywhere from 1 to 21 districts. Each district is represented by two individuals that are elected by voters to serve on the Hunterdon County Democratic Committee (HCDC) also known as the Hunterdon County Democrats.  These elected representatives are considered local Democratic party officials, and are commonly referred to as “County Committee members.”

County Committee members are elected every two years by voters at the Primary Election in June (each even-numbered year).  County Committee members’ official functions are to represent their Municipal districts during County Committee meetings and to elect their Municipal Chairs and the members of the HCDC Executive Board. Municipal Chairs and Executive Board members are elected by County Committee Members within a short time after the Primary Election.

Members of the County Committee

Members of the Democratic County Committee are responsible for making the New Jersey Democratic Party stronger and more responsive to the needs of our communities.  Their primary purpose is to help Democratic candidates win their elections as well as represent their Municipalities during HCDC meetings. They are the front lines of our political process, and their efforts on behalf of our candidates, are crucial to consistent electoral victory.

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