County Commissioners Do Not Reflect Your Values!

The County Commissioner's Written Response to Capital Riots, along with Freeholder Doherty's speech on Sept 11th, shows us exactly who they are what they believe. Ways you can take action:

Message from Chairwoman Arlene Quinones Perez

Prior to Election Day 2020, a global think tank warned of post-election violence in the United States due to a polarized electorate; a demonstrated increase in armed groups associated with political agendas; the potential for a contested election; and Trump as a leader "whose toxic rhetoric and willingness to court conflict to advance his personal interests have no precedent in modern U.S. history."

Since November 3rd, our country has been grappling with the unfounded claims of election fraud. The campaign for Trump and others filed and lost over 60 lawsuits contesting the election processes, vote counting, and the certification process in multiple states, including Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

And on January 6th, the world watched in horror as domestic terrorists stormed the U. S. Capital building. The videos and pictures are violent and extreme - they are abhorrent to the very foundation of who we are as Americans. And yet, while we were shocked about the actual attack, no one has the right at this point to say they were surprised. No one can claim ignorance to the festering sore that has been allowed to grow since Election Day. No one that supported the unfounded claims of voter fraud can pretend to be shocked. And no one that supported rallies and riots up to and including January 6th can escape the blame of the violence we saw on U.S. soil that ended in the death of a police officer.

This message was difficult to write, because like you, I am embarrassed and disappointed in my neighbors. Because make no mistake, these domestic terrorists are living next door to us, they are walking around in plain site as doctors, CEO’s, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters.

When is enough enough for the Republican Party? When do republican elected officials stand up and say, Donald Trump you do not represent me or my values. When do the republicans in Hunterdon County say those words? When do they ask Susan Soloway to resign after going to the U.S. Capital as part of a group of people that certainly do not represent the citizens if the great county of Hunterdon?

Show me who your friends are, and I will tell you what you are (a quote mixed in dark humor for the dark times we are in…). If republicans in Hunterdon County will not stand for police officers, for our America, and the very foundation of our society then we will. Citizens of Hunterdon will attend Commissioner meetings, write letters and use our words to show that this behavior will not be tolerated.

As supporters of democracy:

  1. Call on all of the Hunterdon County Commissioners to condemn the President’s actions trying to overturn the election;
  2. Call on Republicans to demand the resignation of Susan Soloway; and
  3. Attend the next Commissioner meeting on Tuesday January 19, 2021.

Contact Info: Hunterdon County Board of County Commissioners (Freeholders.  facebook, website, phone: 908-788-1102, email: [email protected]