Hunterdon Dems will hold New Jersey’s first presidential convention

Hunterdon Dems will hold New Jersey’s first presidential convention!

Hunterdon County Democratic Committee Chairwoman Arlene Quiñones Perez announced that the Hunterdon County Democrats will hold the first-in-the-state open convention to award the organization line for president on Sunday, February 9.

All voting members of the Hunterdon County Democratic Committee will serve as delegates to the convention, which will endorse one candidate to head the local ticket in the June 2 Democratic primary.  

“These conventions need to be open,” Quiñones Perez told the New Jersey Globe.

Chairwoman Quiñones Perez is in the process of reaching out to presidential campaigns to inform them of the early vote.  She said she will publish rules for the convention and allow each campaign to send a representative and address the convention.

The convention will be open to the public.

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