Message from Chairwoman Arlene Quinones Perez, Esq.

Democracy will prevail, domestic terrorism will not!

Yesterday the world watched in horror as domestic terrorists stormed the United States Capital building. Yesterday we saw a day that our children’s children will read about in their history books. Domestic terrorists want to create chaos and leave terror in their wake. But the United States of America has never cowered before terrorists. And today is not that day. Today we still stand. Our democracy still stands!

Because of the hard work of over 81 million Americans that believe in what the United States can be, on January 20th, we will have a Democrat as the elected President and Vice President of the United States, a United States Senate and House controlled by members of the Democratic Party.

We will do our best to fix the mistakes of the past and certainly those of the last four years. We will not hide. We will not be scared. Do not get pulled into the rhetoric that extremists try to pass as fact. Over 81 million Americans strongly, peacefully, and respectfully made clear the vision that we expect our leaders to implement over the next four years.

We need to stay focused on what needs to be done, not just today, but over the course of the next four years. Fundamental change happens through policy, through the nomination and appointment of judges, and when necessary through peaceful protests.  

WE HAVE WON but we must remain vigilant and continue to work toward electing leaders that values all Americans and reject those that trade in conspiracies and instigate violence.

Arlene Quinonez Perez, Chairwoman

Hunterdon County Democratic Committee