NJ Primary Election - June 4, 2019


The NJ Primary Election is just around the corner.  On Tuesday, June 4, 2019, you will have the opportunity to join forces with other New Jersey Dems with a strong show of support for our Democratic Candidates by casting your vote.

Polls open at 6AM and close at 8PM.   As long as you are in line to vote prior to 8pm, you are eligible to vote.  Not sure where to vote?  Click HERE for a list of polling places in Hunterdon County. Refer to the column on the left for polling places by community.

The 2019 election cycle has many great Democratic candidates running for General Assembly, Sheriff, Freeholders and Local Office.  We have remarkable candidates running for the County offices for Freeholder and for Sheriff.   Savet Rosenblum and Natalie Ferry are both running for Freeholder positions and Dominick Puzio is running for Sheriff.

The NJ State Legislative seats are up this year as well.  Candidates are running for a 2 year term in the NJ General Assembly. Incumbents Verlina Reynolds-Jackson and Anthony Verrelli in LD15 AND Incumbents Andrew Zwicker and Roy Freiman in LD16 are once again on the ballot, while newcomers Marisa Trofimov and Denise King are on the ballot in LD23.

To find out who's running for local office in your community, click HERE for a sample ballot. 

Legislative Districts

LD 15 - East Amwell Township, West Amwell Township, Lambertville

LD 16 - Delaware Township, Flemington Borough, Raritan Township, Readington Township, Stockton Borough

LD 23 - Alexandria Township, Bethlehem Township, Bloomsbury , Califon, Clinton Town, Clinton Township, Franklin Township ,Frenchtown, Glen Gardner, Hampton, High Bridge, Holland Township, Kingwood Township, Lebanon Borough, Lebanon Township, Milford, Tewksbury Township and Union Township 




See you at the polls!


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HCDC Convention "Full House" Nominates State and County Candidates

Over 121 Delegates packed into the Stangl Stage in Flemington on Sunday, March 24, for the Hunterdon County Democratic Convention. It was an energized crowd, filled with enthusiasm and prepared to nominate several state and county candidates for the 2019 elections.

After opening remarks by Arlene Quiñones Perez, Chairwoman of the Hunterdon County Democratic Committee and by Eric Richard, Treasurer, 

David Parano, CEO of Parano & Associates, spoke to the group. He emphasized that, following the great Democratic victories in 2018, these are winnable elections, even in this traditionally red county.

Elections for state and county legislatures typically don’t see the kind of voter turnout that we see in general elections. However, there was great enthusiasm during the 2018 midterms for the Congressional races.  Voter turnout was at an all-time high. This enthusiasm also generated a greater interest in actually running for office in 2019. Bill Courtney, Convention Chair, pointed out, the Democrats have a full slate in all areas: New Jersey Assembly, Hunterdon Country Freeholder, and Hunterdon County Sheriff.

Following the nominations, each candidate spoke briefly about their goals for their districts, what they bring to the table, and their passionate commitment to doing what’s best (and right) for the county. Everyone in the room recognized that this election will be won by hard work: energizing the base; connecting to unaffiliated voters as if this were a general election; registering Democrats to vote; and, as Dave Parano said, “Talking to friends and neighbors like your life depended on it.”

All but one position were uncontested and nominated by a voice vote, with no nays or abstentions. Two candidates ran for Hunterdon County Sheriff. Delegates voted with paper ballots and state representatives counted the ballots.

Here’s the Democratic slate for the 2019 election:


NJ Assembly, LD 15:

Assemblywoman Verlina Reynolds-Jackson


Assemblyman Anthony Verrelli



New Jersey Assembly LD 16

Assemblyman Roy Freiman


Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker



New Jersey Assembly LD 23:

Denise King

Marisa Trofimov


Hunterdon County Freeholder:

Councilwoman (High Bridge) Natalie Ferry

Savet Rosenblum


Hunterdon County Sheriff:

Dominick Puzio


If you’re interested in learning more about the candidates or, even better, are ready to volunteer, please contact the Hunterdon County Democratic Committee at 908 237-1598



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Governor Murphy Pushes for Legalization of Marijuana


“New Jersey has the opportunity to literally set captives free from prison, probation, parole, and a life stigmatized and shackled by a criminal record,” said Rev. Charles Boyer, the pastor at Bethel AME Woodbury.   Governor Muphy is asking NJ Legislatures to legalize marijuana for recreational use for adults 21 years of age and older.  A vote will be taken on Monday, March 25th, however, if the bill is not passed, it is likely that another vote will not take place again until after the November election.  

By taking the sale of marijuana off the streets, consumers may purchase in a safe and legal environment. The argument that weed is a gateway drug is unfounded.  What is true, is that the drug dealer will entice the buyer to purchase cocaine, heroin and opioids because there is a higher profit margin and they are addictive, creating a customer base that keeps returning to make another purchase.  Also, with marijuana being legalized, it won't be cut with fentanyl or another substance.

Richard Brown, NJ NAACP President, also stated that "NJ makes more than 32,000 marijuana arrests per year, and black New Jerseyans are nearly three times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession.  These numbers alone make legalization a civil rights issue."


Click the link below to view an audio of Gov Murphy asking for a vote on the  legalization of marijuana.


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NJDSC to host 2019 Candidate Training

One of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee's (NJDSC) top priorities is to ensure Democrats are ready to organize and run for office at ALL levels -- that’s why we’re so excited to share our new 2019 candidate trainings!

The NJDSC is hosting three trainings for those interested in running for office this year because in 2019, our state legislature and local offices are on the ballot.

This year though, they're changing it up a little, and partnering with the National Democratic Training Committee for the trainings on March 23rd, March 24th and April 13th! 

Participants will learn to:

  • Develop and implement field plans.

  • Fundraise and follow compliance regulations.

  • Lead through high-stakes situations.

  • Craft campaign messaging (and stick to it!)

  • Work with allies and vendors

  • Engage volunteers and supporters

If you’re interested in attending one of these candidate trainings, click on one of the buttons below to RSVP!

Specific locations for these trainings will be announced in the coming weeks.








April 13: Ocean County >>


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Assemblymen, Congressman, Set Mobile Office Hours


Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker and Roy Frieman, who represent the 16th Legislative District (LD16) have announced that they will have mobile office hours at the Hunterdon County Library on Route 12 beginning March 26th. 

LD16 Constituents can visit the the mobile office without an appointment, but may call ahead at 732-823-1684 or 908 829-4191. Staff members will assist LD16 residents with state and federal issues, such as affordable housing, energy, senior citizen programs, property tax rebates and temporary disability benefits. 

In addition to the March 26th date, the mobile office will also be open April 30th and May 28th and will be open from 5:30 - 7:30 pm.    The Assemblymen will also have another mobile office set up at the Hillsborough Library, 379 S Branch Road on March 19th, April 23rd and May 14th. 

Additionally, representatives from the office of Congressman Tom Malinowski will be on site at the Hunterdon County Library dates to assist with Federal issues. 

New Jersey's 16th Legislative District includes the following Hunterdon County municipalities:  Delaware Township, Flemington Borough, Raritan Township, Readington Township and Stockton Borough.



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