Malinowski wins 2018 Primary


In a landslide victory in Hunterdon County and across the CD7 footprint, Tom Malinowski won the Democratic race for Congress in the June 5th New Jersey primary election.  Malinowski will go on to face GOP incumbent Leonard Lance in the November General Election. 

Malinowski took Hunterdon County with 5066 votes. Peter Jacob took in 1596 votes and Goutam Jois 825. Across the CD7 footprint which includes Hunterdon, Somerset, Morris, Union and Warren Counties, Malinowski won with 66.8% of the vote (26,079). Peter Jacob took in 19.1% (7,474 votes) and Goutam Jois took only 14.1% (5,489 votes).  

On the GOP side, Lance won the Republican ticket with 24,856 votes or 74.9%.  He was challenged by Lindsay Brown with 4,774 votes (14.4%) and Raafat Barsoom 3,545 votes (10.7%).

On paper,  Lance appears to have gotten a higher percentage of votes over Malinowski. However,  Malinowski actually received more votes. (Malinowski 26,079 vs Lance 24.856)  Additionally, more Democrats voted for the CD7 seat casting 39,042 ballots versus 33,175 Republican voters. 

If you would like to volunteer to help Malinoswki get elected to Congress jump aboard Team Tom by emailing 

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Julia Fahl Takes Lambertville Race for Mayor


The most closely watched race in Hunterdon County took place in Lambertville for the heavily contested seat for Mayor. With only a 10% margin, first time challenger Julia Fahl received the necessary votes to win the June 5th NJ Primary Election. Fahl defeated incumbent David DelVecchio, who held Lambertville's Mayoral seat for 27 years. 

In 2013, Mayor DelVecchio conducted the first same-sex marriage in New Jersey.  Fahl praised DelVecchio for his service and for a well-fought campaign. Fahl campaigned for more open and transparent city government, better budget management, maintaining and investing in open space and revitalizing municipal boards and commissions.

The Hunterdon County Democratic Committee would also like to recognize and thank Mayor DelVecchio for his service to Lambertville as Mayor.  DelVecchio is also a former HCDC Chair.

The Battle for U.S. Senate- Statewide the most closely watched race took place between incumbent Senator Bob Menendez against challenger Lisa McCormick. While Menendez will advance to the general election, both Hunterdon and Somerset Counties threw their support behind McCormick. Hunterdon Democrats preferred McCormick by a 4,525 to 3,002 margin while Somerset voters gave McCormick a narrower victory, 8,315 to 8,248.  Voters in Middlesex and Union counties gave Menendez a wider margin of victory. Senator Menendez will go up against GOP candidate Bob Hugin.  Statewide Menendez took in 62.2% of the votes and Hugin took 75.1%. However, more Democrats voted in the primary.  Menendez had 259,875 votes while Hugin only had 167,121. 

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Malinowski announces Grand Opening of Campaign Headquarters


Tom Malinowski, the Hunterdon County endorsed candidate for Congress (CD7) and Team Tom announce the grand opening of the Malinowski for Congress Campaign Headquarters.

A day long celebration is scheduled for Saturday, May 12th at the former Sylvan Learning Center, located at 1962 Washington Valley Road, Martinsville, NJ.  The event runs from 10am - 2pm .  Visit the Red Carpet Wall, the Instagram Booth and find out how you can volunteer and be an important part of Team Tom and helping him win the election!

Scheduled activities include:

10am - 2pm - Canvass and Cookout

2pm - 4pm - HQ Grand Opening with Guest Speakers

For information contact

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Senator Menendez Re-Election Kickoff


Senator Bob Menendez has announced that he will be seeking re-election for his office as U.S.  Senator representing New Jersey.  The kick off for the Senator's re-election was held March 28th in Union City where he grew up. During his speech to a packed crowd, Menendez talked about his upcoming show-down in November with GOP candidate Bob Hugin, who is a retired big pharmaceutical executive and of course the ongoing battles in Congress with Trump and corporate power.  The loudest cheer when Menendez told the crowd "There is a President in Washington who spends his days dividing us and distracting us, but never delivering for us."  The Senator also periodically addressed the crowd in Spanish. 

The Hunterdon County Democratic Committee endorsed Senator Bob Menendez as our candidate for Senate at our February 4th Convention, held at the Kingwood Township Fire Company.   

To view the Re-election campaign kick off click the links below:

To View on Facebook.... click here  

To View on Twitter..... click here

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CD7 Update on the 2018 Race for Congress


The CD7 Race for Congress continues to spark interest throughout the District. The first bit of excitement came on March 7th when Union County was scheduled to hold their Convention to endorse a candidate.  That never happened because we got hit with a Nor'Easter and Mother Nature decided to blanket New Jersey with lots of snow forcing all of us in CD7 to continue to hold our breath until the Convention could be rescheduled.  On March 11th, under better weather conditions, Tom Malinowski won the endorsement at the rescheduled Union County Convention, which tightened his lead throughout the district.  There are 13 Municipal Chairs in Union and for a candidate to come out on top, 7 votes would be needed. Malinowski got the 7 votes, with Linda Weber receiving 6. None of the other candidates received a vote. 

There was so much suspense leading up to the Union County Convention and both candidates knew it was going to be a very tight race.  Weber seemed to be favored since she hails from Union County. However, Malinowski had just won the endorsements in Hunterdon, Warren and Morris Counties.  But then came the drama on March 6th, the night before the Nor'Easter. A negative - and false- campaign ad against Malinowski that was advertised on a Facebook Ad by the Weber for Congress team may have backfired. On December 6, 2017 the candidates who had filed at that time (Jacob, Jois, Malinowski, Mandleblatt, Salmon & Weber) had pledged publicly to stay positive and not make defamatory remarks about a fellow candidate.  The defamatory content of the ad, the fact Weber broke that promise and the momentum Malinowski has been building within the party and through his campaign contributions, may very well have been the perfect storm that led to his victory at the Union County Convention.


12/6/17 - The candidates pledge to run a campaign free from defamatory remarks at the Basking Ridge Forum.

So the excitement continues with Somerset and Essex county, since Linda Weber was endorsed there.  However, after losing the Union County endorsement, on March 14th Weber suspended her campaign, pledging to "continue to work hard to flip the 7th District and to elect more Democrats." We will have to wait to see what happens in Somerset and Essex Counties where Weber was endorsed. Check back soon for an update.

Malinowski also gained top billing on InsiderNJ's weekly list of "Who's Up" on it's March 15th publication.  Here's what InsiderNJ had to say....    

Tom Malinowski

Dogged by residency issues, the CD7 candidate this week nonetheless scored a critical 7-6 victory for the Union County Democratic Committee line, effectively eliminating rival Linda Weber from the contest. Although a devilishly energized U.S. Rep. Leonard Lance (R-7) was telling people at the Somerville St. Patrick’s Day Parade that his preferred general election opponent is Malinowski, a victory by Democrat Conor Lamb in Pennsylvania’s 18th District sent a shudder of worry through NJ Republicans.

Update: March 28, 2018 Somerset County Democrats overwhelmingly endorsed Tom Malinowski at the "re-do" convention held after Linda Weber dropped out of the race (see above). Malinowski has also been endorsed by Essex County who had originally thrown their support behind Weber.   Malinowski has now been endorsed by all of the counties representing the 7th Congressional District and will appear on the ballot in the June 5th Primary under the Regular Democratic Party.   Congratulations Tom!  


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