Malinowski Wins Endorsement at Morris County Convention

Tom Malinowski won the endorsement as the 7th Congressional District Candidate last night at the Morris County Democratic Committee Convention.  This marks the 3rd endorsement for Malinowski. Hunterdon and Warren Counties had open conventions in which the County Committee members and Delegates voted. Malinowski won the nomination in both of those conventions.

The only remaining county to hold a convention to make their endorsement is Union County which is scheduled for March 7th.  There are 5 counties in the CD7 District. Somerset and Essex Counties already held their conventions in which Linda Weber won the nomination.  Both conventions were "closed", meaning only the Municipal Chairs were able to vote.

We may see a GOP primary race against Leonard Lance.  Craig Heard, who ran an unsuccessful primary against Lance in 2016 is considering going up against him again.  Heard has formed an exploratory committee to consider his chances against Lance in a primary.  One thing Heard and CD7 Democrats have in common - Is that Lance has got to go!



Tom Malinowski is Endorsed at the Morris County Convention (2/27/18)

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Rally For Our Children Draws Great Support

The Hunterdon County Democratic Committee sponsored a Rally for Our Children  in Flemington on the steps of the Hunterdon County Historic Courthouse on Saturday, February 24th, gathering a crowd of residents who are in support of sensible gun control. The speakers at the event all made a plea to end the senseless tragedies that have taken place in our schools and communities for the past two decades.   We were reminded that on April 20, 1999 two teens went on a shooting spree in a Columbine High School, and little has been done to prevent this type of tragedy almost 20 years later. 

Clinton Town Mayor, Janice Kovach, gave the opening remarks and welcomed everyone for attending and thanked the crowd for giving up their time on a Saturday morning for such an important cause.  Featured speakers included Flemington resident,  Chris Runion, who is a teacher in Montgomery Township.  Mr. Runion talked about what it's like to participate in "lock down" drills and ended his speech by saying "Let us put away our trigger fingers and take out our ballot fingers, because our lives depend on it.”

NJ Assemblyman Roy Frieman and Tom Malinowski, the Hunterdon County endorsed Candidate for Congress (against Leonard Lance) also addressed the crowd. Both men talked about the need for sensible gun laws and pointed out that while NJ is one of the states with the best common sense gun laws, other states are in need of reform.   

Carole Stiller, President of the NJ Brady Campaign and Million Mom March State Council talked about the lasting effects that students  face after the trauma of being a surviving victim of a shooting spree and that it is something they will have to live with the rest of their lives.  

But the most engaging moments on Saturday came from two Hunterdon Central Regional High School (HCRHS) students who moved the crowd with their plea for gun reform.  Katie Conover, a Junior at HCRHS said "Children are often told they can change the world. And that's just what we are going to do."  HCRHS Senior and President of the Hunterdon County Young Democrats, Austin Ritter, served as emcee for the rally. Austin's opening remarks included the reading an open letter from the parents of a young son that was killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.  It was a poignant and emotional moment.


Click here to watch a video of the Rally for our Children

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Scott Salmon Bows Out of CD7 Race - Endorses Tom Malinowski


Scott Salmon announced earlier this week that he will be suspending his campaign for NJ Congressional District 7. In his statement, Mr. Salmon also announced that he is endorsing Tom Malinowski. Last week Lisa Mandleblatt suspended her campaign, also endorsing Malinowski.

In his statement Salmon said “I firmly believe that this campaign has shown that it is possible to have a politics free of cynicism, and that we can have representatives who are compassionate and will work tirelessly on our behalf. But we must demand that our leaders live up to this high standard, and if they are unwilling to do so, we must replace them. The people of the 7th Congressional District deserve nothing less."

In addition to Mandleblatt and Salmon endorsing Tom Malinowski, Morris County Democratic Chair Chip Robinson also gave his personal endorsement to Malinowski.   Robinson said. “This endorsement is based upon several factors. Donald Trump and Paul Ryan’s Washington DC is a threat to the values that we hold dear. There is no more important thing for the Democratic party to do nationally then to win 24 seats in the house and take back the majority in order to start putting the brakes on the Trump and Ryan agenda. Tom gives us the best chance to actually win the seat. He is a moderate Democrat who has proven that he can rally support from unaffiliated and moderate republicans – he was introduced to the Senate at one point by John McCain. Tom’s district voted for Kim Guadagno and for Hillary Clinton, so it has shown itself to be a swing middle-of-the-road district."

The Morris County Democratic Convention is scheduled for February 27th. 

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Mandleblatt Drops Out of CD7 Race

Lisa Mandleblatt has announced that she will no longer be running for Congress in CD7.  The announcement was made today at the Union County Democratic Candidate Forum. Lisa has asked her supporters to get behind Tom Malinowski, who was endorsed this past Sunday at the Hunterdon County Democratic Committee Convention.  Including Malinowski, there are now six remaining candidates in hot pursuit of going up against Leonard Lance in the November General Election.

Warren County will hold their Convention Saturday, February 10th.  Union and Morris County Conventions have not yet taken place. 

The HCDC would like to thank Lisa for her participation in the CD7 race and wish her the very best in her future endeavors. 

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HCDC Endorses Tom Malinowski for Congress in the CD7 Race


It was another standing room only event at the Hunterdon County Democratic Committee  2018 Convention, held Sunday, February 4th at the Kingwood Township Fire Company. Bill Courtney, who served as Convention Chair, ran a tight ship by providing a clear and concise overview of the convention rules and how the voting would take place.  With seven candidates eagerly pursuing the coveted endorsement, it was Tom Malinowski who came out on top with the majority win.  Malinowski exceeded the 51% majority vote that was needed to secure the endorsement. In his acceptance speech, Tom thanked the HCDC and acknowledge Chairwoman Arlene Perez for running an open convention. 

There are six counties in CD7. So far Essex and Somerset County have made endorsements, both for Linda Weber. In Essex County, the Party Chair supplied the single vote for the one town that sits in CD7.  In Somerset County, only the Municipal Chairs voted. On Saturday, February 10th, Warren County will hold an open convention, just as Hunterdon, the difference being Warren will open up the voting to the entire County Committee, not just members within the 7th District.  All of Hunterdon County is in the 7th District.  Morris and Union Counties still have not made an endorsement. 

Other candidates endorsed at the convention include Robert (Bob) Menendez for U.S. Senate and local candidates, Matt Bernot and Robert Darmstadt for Hunterdon County Freeholder. 

Malinowski_-_convention.JPG     high_bridge_dems_convention.JPG   tom_and_young_dems_convention.JPG  

Tom Malinowski pictured accepting the HCDC Nomination, with The High Bridge Dems and Councilwoman Natalie Ferry and with the Hunterdon County Young Dems, Austin Ritter (President) and Yosan Siele (Vice President).

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